Security Patch Management
& Rapid Deployment

Up-to-Date, End-to-End Protection.

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Our Technology Thinks So You Don’t Have To

zbrella’s cognitive security patch management and rapid deployment technology uses its advanced intellect to protect your investments—the software, the hardware, and the network you’ve spent capital building. Our technology thinks so that you don’t have to. We’ll automatically search, scan, deploy and deliver reports with in-depth analytics on the current state of your infrastructure. This is the future.

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Automatically Search Applications

With our security patch management & rapid deployment plan, we automatically search through thousands of applications to discover what is out-of-date and identify what requires patching.

Utilize cognitive technology to rapidly scan systems

Uncover high-risk areas in your system

Get real-time visibility into your technology network

Automated Patch Deployment

zbrella’s systems identify where to deploy patches on your network and automatically apply updates to all areas needed. Security patch deployment happens rapidly with our intelligent solution so that you don’t have to think.

Reduce exposure to external threats by keeping systems up-to-date

Create a cost-effective environment by increasing protection

Act with precision to continuously stop attacks

Patch Reports

Receive layered data reports that provide high-level analytics that help you understand your business from a digital standpoint. We simplify complex analytics so that you can make better business decisions and investments on the digital end.

Gain insight with in-depth analysis

Identify and comprehend your unique network

Understand the evolving threats of cyber space

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