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Preempt Risk and Recover Rapidly from Any Type of Downtime.

Solutions Designed to Mitigate Threats & Orchestrate Rapid Recovery

The digital world is high-risk, rife with unplanned disruptions that directly impede the rate at which business performs— from cyber attacks to online breaches, IT outages, data loss and more. Yet business cannot afford downtime. zbrella’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan is an advanced suite of resiliency tools plus people, processes, and policies meant to restore your critical IT systems with unprecedented speed.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our team of expert engineers are trained to mitigate the impact of unforeseen downtime, backup hybrid environments, implement 24X7 monitoring, recover within minutes of an IT outage, and orchestrate custom Backup and Disaster Recovery plans to your industry-niche needs. Our premiere Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan comes standard with our Cyber Security Protection Plan, or it can be selected as an individual service.

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Power outages & hardware error are the leading causes in IT downtime— disruptions that can all be mitigated with a proper Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

zbrella’s suite of resiliency tools protects all critical data and applications to allow for seamless business continuity. Our intuitive software minimizes cyber threat susceptibility, eliminates points of failure within configurations, and performs frequent backups to ensure best-in-class security in the event of unplanned downtime. Recover from any IT interruption with an optimized Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan based on risk tolerance, recovery objectives, and budget, and enhance your business continuity.

See What Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan Can Do for Business Continuity

Protect & Defend Critical IT Infrastructure

Secure all IT infrastructure with replication of essential applications, infrastructure, data, etc. to the Cloud.

Improve Business Continuity

Reduce data loss, shorten outage time, protect current and historical business data, improve management, and more to boost business continuity.

Secure Business Data

Insulate your business data security double fold via industry-leading protection and encryption features to defend against threats.

Identify Attacks

Identify and isolate problem areas within the digital landscape to understand security vulnerabilities and how to prevent them.

Rapid Recovery

Recover important business data and restore all critical IT infrastructures rapidly to avoid costly downtime and resume business in a timely manner.

Implement Proactive Defenses

Evaluate source of attack and strategize proactive measures to apprehend future threats before they happen— create a cognitive IT line of defense.

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