Data Backup
& Disaster Recovery

The only safety net you’ll need.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
Backups Tested By Humans. Work Done By Humans. We’re Not Robots.

Protect against hackers, disgruntled employees, ransomware, mistakes, server crashes, theft, and IT companies lacking in capability. Designed in layers, our solutions provide multi-platformed defense to cover all areas of vulnerability within your digital business. Backups are performed every hour, both locally and on the Cloud, and encrypted with 256-bit AES. Fully monitored around the clock and tested monthly by humans, we ensure minimal downtime and complete data restoration.

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Recovery Time Objectives

We’ll meet any Recovery Time Objective requested.

Data/Server Restore

Information recovered and restored in under an hour.

Humans, Not Machines

Our Certified Engineers test backups monthly, not machines.

24x7 Monitoring

Backups are fully monitored and managed 24×7.

Every Hour on the Hour

Backups are performed every hour to ensure data is continuously captured.

Multi-Layered Defense

We provide multiple types of defense to create a strong digital environment.

Remote Site Support
Let’s Build a Bulletproof Security Plan Together

Design, develop and approve a disaster recovery plan customized to protect your business operations by ensuring that your tech, people and assets are secure. Choose from our most advanced disaster recovery solutions and build strategic defense in layers to protect, defend, and respond quickly when issues arise.

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  • Identify Problem Areas Within Your Digital Landscape
  • Outline Plan of Action When Disasters Occur
  • Define Recovery Time Objectives
  • In the Event of a Disaster, Identify Source of Attack
  • Understand What Went Wrong
  • Implement Proactive Measures to Combat Future Attacks

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