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A Higher Level of Security for Your Cyber Domain

Data Protection

Cybersecurity attacks happen to every business of every size. Our Cybersecurity Consultants not only help prevent attacks, but proactively design plans to counter and handle attacks when they occur to protect company data, assets, and financials. Identify and defend your digital doorways from every entrance point, and create a stable environment in which your business can live.

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Our Consultants assess your current practices and provide guidance to secure your digital environment.


Our advanced, layered systems block attacks before they happen to safeguard important assets.


24×7 monitoring happens continuously, protecting and securing your digital business.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Audits

Cybersecurity Audits

Identify risks in your current environment and create a remediation plan to help stop further attacks.

Monitor & Control Employees

Monitor & Control Employees

Record all computer activity (email, chat, keystrokes, camera, and more) to protect your investment in resources and block confidential information from leaving the company.

Information Security

Information Security

Help identify risks on current systems, create a remediation plan, and design and implement a security defence field for all digital data.

Security Patch Management

Security Patch Management

Ensure security patches are up-to-date, maintained, and proactively managed. Set up or manage existing Cybersecurity Insurance Policies.

Internet of Things Proactive Security Management

Internet of Things Proactive Security Management

IoT devices severely lack any type of security. Design a separate network for all IoT traffic with forced security patch updates for all devices.

Door Access Control

Door Access Control

Control access to sensitive areas, server rooms, warehouses and more. Record who enters and exits and protect your data in the real world.

How Good Is Your Security? We’ll Break Into Your Systems And Give You a Report

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Have a current IT company? Think you have a good security plan in place? Our ZBRELLA engineer experts perform penetration tests, whether you have IT people or not, and identify security risks in your current information technology systems, people, and processes. We then deliver a plan for immediate remediation of your current systems to improve defense, security and protect data.

Audit All Security Processes & Procedures

Test Security Processes & Procedures

Attempt to Gain Unauthorized Access to Networks & Customer Files

Identify Risks & Provide a Work Plan for Remediation

Suggest Layered Proactive Security Management Strategy

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