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Ransomware Protection & Prevention

Stop Attacks Before They Happen

Each year, ransomware, malware, and other malicious attacks rise by over 115%, and is a $1 billion market annually . Compromised data means not only a loss in upfront revenue, but a cost in integrity and credibility as a business—which in the long run can crumple business financials. Are you protected and prepared for an attack?

zbrella’s suite of protection and prevention services include ransomware protection, malware protection, and protection against other various malicious attacks that put you at risk daily. We implement and deploy software and industry-leading best practices to ensure that the digital world of your business is protected from end-to-end.

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Gain Insight into Threats

High-level reports give you intelligent insight into your IT infrastructure, illuminating where your systems are at risk and the root cause of that risk. Deep root cause-analysis allows your business to understand attacks and how and where they move through and penetrate the system. This valuable data allows our high-skilled IT team and your business to make the best decisions moving forward—driven by data—for an even higher level of security and ransomware protection.

Be Alerted

Be in the know. As soon as attacks try to enter the system, receive all the latest updates and notifications of your IT infrastructure in real-time. The real-time data allows you to see the health of your digital assets and allows you to see the ransomware protection, malware protection, and the prevention of other malicious attacks as they happen. This high-level data gives cognitive insight into your security and allows your team and ours to make changes more quickly and efficiently.

Safeguard Data

Never pay criminals to recover your files. Automatically shut down infected devices, quarantine suspicious items, and stop attacks. By utilizing our next-generation software, our team of leading IT security specialists ensure that your digital assets are safeguarded and backed up in a different location. Our ransomware protection service comes combined with our leading cybersecurity suite package and includes backup and disaster recovery to guarantee that your data will never be compromised with a 100% file recovery assurance.

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