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Monitor, Alert, & Report

Gain Visibility into Employee Activity to Determine Quality & Performance

Get the most out of your employees with employee monitoring and enhance company security, productivity, and quality control. Our team of expert security engineers can monitor every email, task, activity, action, and more that your employees perform, ensuring less wasted time in the office and a greater turn in revenue and profit. Monitor and track your employees to guarantee a greater level of work, get alerts to always stay informed about changes and important information, and review high-level reports to see where you need to implement immediate changes to gain visibility into where you’re performing well.

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Gain Control & Unlock
Employee Potential

Increased Productivity

Increase your company’s productivity by controlling where your employees have online access to. Block/allow websites according to your preferences, enable access only to employees who need it, and more.

Email Recording

Capture email communication via email recording to monitor conversations and employee-client exchanges. Search records for old emails and receive alerts according to individual criteria.

Web Activity Monitoring

We employ sophisticated monitoring software to record and maintain information about your employees’ web activity, including how long they spent on a site, site activity, and how that time translates to revenue earned for your company.

Data Leak Control

Keep intellectual property, data, and digital assets confidential and secure by filtering what information employees are allowed to share online. Receive alerts that keep you informed about potential security threats, policy violations, etc.

Decreased Risk, Increased Security

Block sites that transmit viruses and implement web filtering as part of a multi-layered approach to your company’s security and health. Outline where and when employees can access information.

File & Document Tracking

Track everything— files, documents, activities, emails, tasks, etc.— on local, removable, and Cloud storage. Gain insight into when files were created, when they were edited, if they were deleted, and if they were renamed.

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