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We Make Tech Easy

Our team of innovators work day and night to take the technology of tomorrow and apply it to the business of today. How can we change the world? How can we impact business? We figure out the impossible and deliver the future to the world.

We are the innovators, dreamers, and futurists of the world.

At ZBRELLA Technology Consulting, our team of creative technologists have been working on delivering innovation and future tech for over 15 years. We are passionately dedicated to fighting the good fight to keep the IT industry in the good old USA. We love who we get to meet, and pride ourselves on the relationships we build with the awesome people we get to work with. Technology is our passion, and it shows! What does our usual day look like? We get to work with innovative technologies —  building and flying drones, testing robotics, capturing data with IoT, building finger-sized computers  —  and completely transform business.  Our goals at ZBRELLA are this: always be innovative, always turn technology into something digestible, always keep it fun, and, of course, always make our clients a boat load of money with our amazing services.

Our Awesome Leaders

Meet our crazy-cool team of technology geniuses
that are too smart for their own good.

Billy Sakatis

“I aspire to lead by creating positive environments and presenting unique solutions to challenging situations in an effort to delight the customers I serve.”

John Pinto

“Committed to providing high quality customer service so that the teams that we service are assured we are always working to keep their environment online and secure.”

Dimos Grigoropoulos

“Technology has been my passion for my whole life. I eat, sleep, and live it, and then package it nicely for customers.”

Madeleine Harwig

“My favorite word is “WHY”?! I am a dreamer that loves the realistic applications of technology!”

You can find us in these locations:

209 West 29th Street, Suite 6222
New York, NY 10001

Brickell City Centre
78 SW 7th Street Miami, FL, 33130

Toll Free: (800)750-4296
New York: (718)355-9155

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Seriously, you won’t regret it. Bring any tech idea to us, and we’ll build a custom project around it.