Advanced Artificial
Intelligence Security

Cognitive Security that Predicts, Prevents and Protects.

Artificial Intelligence Security

The Future of Cyber Protection

zbrella’s cognitive solutions tap into the advanced technologies and capabilities of artificial intelligence security to defend enterprise networks against sophisticated cyber attacks. Through revolutionary machine learning, our cyber protection uses its predictive analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to anticipate attacks and cognitively learn and understand the changing landscape of cyber crimes and adapt autonomously to defend against advancements.

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AI cognitively learns the multi-dimensional nature of cyber crime and protects every thread and every layer of your enterprise powerhouse.
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Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence Security

Our solution rapidly predicts cyber attacks in real-time using next-generation AI machines, performs complex, highly sophisticated protection procedures silently behind the scenes without human input—always working quietly, never disrupting business.

AI Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence security works 100x faster than traditional cyber protection methods and delivers unparalleled protection through cognitive machines. With predictive power, intelligent learning, and real-time rapid defense, AI cyber defense is a best-in-class solution for defending enterprise.

Return on Your Investment

Artificial Intelligence security offers both capital return and a significant return on time. AI capabilities offer a monumental decrease in downtime that is associated with cyber attacks. Because our machines learn in real-time and can alter the way they protect on the fly, we decrease resource consumption, unwanted expenses, alerts and downtime to save capital costs and empower you through less time spent on technology matters.

Invisible Protection

zbrella’s artificial intelligence security solution works in real-time without human interaction. Working 24×7 across all networks (Cloud, virtual, physical), the power of AI algorithms and predictive capabilities allows systems to operate invisibly in your business and protect against cyber attacks without you ever knowing. Silent, seamless, and powerful.

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