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Enterprise data security for every and all devices.

Next-Gen Threat Protection
Designed to Secure & Defend

Get total coverage across multiple mobile devices for complete security

Mobile ransomware attacks are a continually developing sophisticated means of breaching business— in fact, as you read this, your chances of experiencing a mobile attack is 3.5 times more likely to occur than it used to be. zbrella’s Mobile Device Management Security Plan is designed exclusively with enterprise data security in mind to provide unparalleled, advanced protection across all of your different mobile device platforms you want secured. Protect your entire network of mobile devices to gain insight into potential threats and vulnerabilities before they happen in real-time. Our premiere Mobile Device Management services come standard with our Cyber Security Protection Plan or can be selected as an individual service.

Configure & Manage All Devices

Automatically Patch, Update & Push Out Applications

Encrypt All Communication

Track & Monitor Employees’ Mobile Usage

Protect & Monitor Company Data

Manage Devices Under BYOD Policy

The Power of Intelligent Mobile Device Security

The Power of Protection

zbrella configures and manages all mobile devices with next-generation software to manage an unlimited number of devices. Our advanced suite of security applications ensures that mobile performance always operates rapidly and efficiently and never breaches data.

The Power of Encryption

zbrella encrypts all types of business communications, including texts, emails, apps, phones, etc. to provide unrivaled security services and safeguard company data so business operations can continue in a safe and secure environment.

The Power of Automation

Discover your business’ full potential with automatic updates. zbrella provides automatic security patches, applications, updates, and more without ever disrupting users, optimizing business performance and productivity by allowing operations to take place uninterrupted.

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