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Bolster your security & add an extra layer of defense by training employees.

Empower Your Employees through Security Awareness Training

Protecting your company’s entire IT infrastructure involves more than just implementing a well organized security suite. As one of the most vulnerable access points into your company, your employees are an integral component in what should be one of your strongest lines of defense. Ensuring that your employees have the savant, skill, and know-how to defend themselves— and your company— is critical to the health and security of your business. If your employees don’t understand how to safeguard company data and resources, no amount of money invested in security technology will be able to protect you or your assets.

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From malware to trojans, viruses, phishing scams and more, we train and guide employees on how to detect all different types of potential threats to safeguard your most sensitive data.


We work hands-on with your employees on how to prevent active threats once they are identified to ensure the security of your business, and that your most important assets are never compromised.


Our security awareness training experts cover everything your employees will need to know about how to identify risk, mitigate threats, and employ proactive measures for the future.

We Train Employees,
They Defend You

Our team of expert professionals will work to define exactly what your company needs, where and how your employees need help, and outline an information security awareness program unique to you and your company. Good security awareness training eliminates risk by bolstering security, equipping your employees with knowledge, and highlighting security policies and practices that will keep your company generating revenue.

  • Ensure proper password protection is followed
  • Identify suspicious content, such as emails, links, online ads, attachments, etc.
  • Ensure backups are performed
  • Educate employees about dangers of outside programs and security risks
  • Train employees how to identify suspicious PC behavior
  • Define different types of malware, what they are capable of, & what to do if contracted
  • Define wireless networks and the dangers of connecting to unfamiliar ones
  • Employ physical security standards & consequences for added protection

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