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Private Cloud
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zbrella Cloud services offer a suite of managed Private Cloud solutions to meet the ever changing demands of your enterprise network. We design and build Private Cloud environments to meet the demands of your business in terms of high-level security, high-performance speed and total control and ownership. With a focus on up-time, backup and disaster recovery, flawless integrations, and speed, zbrella Cloud specialists help create an innovative environment that allows workflow to happen without interruption. We create a secure, seamless network where no one owns your data but you.

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Why Private Cloud?

Total Control & Flexibility

zbrella’s Private Cloud solutions offer the benefits of traditional Public Clouds—scalability, flexibility, and accessibility—with the ability to own and control all data on your corporate network. For businesses seeking higher speeds, better performance capabilities, and tough security requirements , Private Cloud offers more stability, stronger data protection, and best-in-class performance. Explore why Private Cloud is the right fit for you.

Best-in-Class Security

On Private Cloud, your Cloud is on a physically isolated network, meaning you don’t share your space with anyone. For businesses needing high-security for sensitive data, Private Cloud delivers the most secure environment.

High-Performance Capabilities

Private Cloud platforms deliver faster speeds to companies who need it with considerable workloads. Gain the ability to move data on and off the Cloud when you need to, and experience a Cloud with the best uptime performance.

Total Flexibility

On Private Cloud, you operate in a single-tenant environment. You choose when you want to scale up or down, update and integrate new applications, raise security measures, and deploy to ensure your workflow is never interrupted.

What Is a Private Cloud?

Private Clouds operate in a single-tenant architecture on a private internal network, meaning you own your own Cloud, and you own your own space—no one else shares it. Private Clouds are best known for their superior security, control and customization as opposed to other Cloud options.

The zbrella Private Cloud Process

How We Can Help Build Your Cloud

Work with zbrella’s Private Cloud consultants to discover the best Private Cloud options for your enterprise network. You’ll own your own space, hardware, data, and your own Private Cloud, and zbrella Cloud engineers will help design, build, and deploy your Private Cloud from start to finish, as well as manage your Cloud after it’s been implemented. Our team can work alongside your current IT department or can operate independently to deliver a high-performance, low latency, secure Cloud.

Our Process

Analyze & Identify

Our team of Cloud experts work directly with your workforce one-on-one to understand processes, workflow, and how your business makes money. We’ll identify key elements and requirements that are necessary for designing your Private Cloud.


Our Private Cloud Architects design a highly secure platform that meets all business needs. We design your Cloud and the in-house infrastructure needed to support it as well as a built-in disaster recovery design plan meant to protect data 100%.

Build & Deploy

Our Cloud Architects will select and secure the right data center, equipment, and infrastructure needed to run your Private Cloud with high-peak performance. Your Cloud is built with security, speed, and flexibility in mind.


Our team of Cloud specialists will prepare your entire business—your users and your technology—to move without business interruption. We make the process seamless so that you can utilize your investment immediately.


Private Clouds are complex and many IT companies lack the expertise to support them. Our Cloud Managed Service team will begin support for your Private Cloud as soon it goes live, ensuring that you have no downtime and the highest data protection 24×7.

Private Cloud
Managed Services

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Unparalleled Support from Industry Leaders

Our zbrella Cloud Managed Service team offers enterprise grade, monthly support from the moment you move to Cloud. Experience the benefits of our team of high-class Cloud experts that always guarantee peak performance, high-speeds, and a totally secure Cloud network with no interrupted downtime.

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