Cloud Communications

The Power to Be Heard Around the World

Communicate Digitally—With Presence & Compliance

Cloud communications ensures that business always has a platform to connect and communicate on. Whether it’s through chat or video, Cloud communications centralizes office communications digitally so you’re always connected from anywhere in the world. Our zbrella Cloud experts can configure all types of communications— like Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts and more— into the Cloud to keep enterprise correspondence connected 24/7.

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Reduce Email

Cut wasted time on emails in half
& make decisions in real-time.

Increase Communications Speed

Increase the speed at which decisions
are made to drive actionable solutions.

Gain Flexibility

Give employees the ability to communicate
with anyone— anywhere & at any time.

Communications Designed With You in Mind

Our team of Cloud consulting experts will help select a Cloud communications platform engineered specifically to your business and its unique set of needs. Our Cloud communications process is hand-tailored to identify, diagnose, implement, and support an extensive gamut of enterprise-grade needs to create seamless communications continuity.

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Our Cloud
Communications Process


We identify business needs/requirements & turn them into technical needs that will enhance workflow & boost productivity.


We professionally diagnose a solution to match the problem—in person, face-to-face— and detail all of our capabilities.


We implement solutions immediately and provide in-depth staff training. We teach users how to operate technology fast & efficiently.


We support the daily tasks of Cloud communications & maintain your systems to enable seamless functionality.

What You Gain With Cloud Communications

  • Ability to Record What Is Being Said
  • Less Time Wasted
  • Face-to-Face Consultations
  • Hand-Tailored Solutions
  • Archive Integral Data & Information
  • Real-Time Decisions
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid Workflow

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