What Is a Private Cloud?

Private Cloud

What Is a Private Cloud?

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What is a Private Cloud? Many businesses have made the move to the Cloud, but there is still a surprising number of those who don’t know what it is. To start, you need to understand what Cloud Computing is.

The Cloud is a combination of software, hardware, and services that run via the Internet. This technology makes your data available to you anywhere you are in the world. As opposed to hosting your data on a local server in your office (which grounds it to that specific location), you data runs on a network of servers throughout the country and throughout the world. Usually, a business’ data can be accessed by simply logging onto an account via a web browser.

Companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Rackspace, Microsoft and more all offer their own platforms for Cloud services. But unlike the Private Cloud, businesses share their space on the network of servers with other businesses. It is an open environment that can be less secure.

So, what is a Private Cloud? Private Clouds operate in what’s called a single-tenant architecture on a private internal network, meaning you own your own Cloud, and you own your own space—no one else shares it. Private Clouds are best known for their superior security, control and customization.

Private Cloud means private infrastructure, customized security, best-in-class performance, predictable costs, total scalability and total flexibility. It’s built for you and run by you.

As opposed to sharing a network of servers with other businesses, you own your own dedicated servers in your own dedicated data center. No one else can share its space, and no one else has access to it but you. Your business’ data lives in total isolation. And what’s more, companies who need to comply with National or International laws and policies can do so using Private Cloud.

In terms of operation, Private Cloud works the same as a Public Cloud. Data can be accessed at anytime from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

What makes Private Cloud different is you gain the ability to rapidly deploy any changes you need to your Cloud without waiting on a third-party provider. Scalability is another benefit as you can scale up or down when you need to on a schedule that works for your business.

Because Private Cloud means you own your Cloud and no one else shares it, Private Cloud offers increased performance, ultimate control, and the highest level of security available on any Cloud platform. Private Cloud offers predictable costs, and although (unlike Public Cloud) there is an initial upfront cost for hardware and other items, in the long run, owning your own Private Cloud can be much more cost effective and save your company thousands.

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