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Cloud migration to a new Cloud environment—whether it be to a public, hybrid or private Cloud—is a high-skill, high-level migration, that, in reality, is not easy. zbrella’s Cloud migration specialists work directly with business owners and technical departments, one-on-one, who are looking to move off their current Cloud agreement and onto a different Cloud solution that better fits their unique business needs.

Why Cloud Migration?
Why Are You Moving?

  • ○ Slow Speed
  • ○ Slow Agility
  • ○ Not Flexible
  • ○ Poor Service
  • ○ Lost Data
  • ○ High Fee

While Cloud providers make it easy to join the Cloud initially, they do not make it easy to leave. Clients come to us when they’ve experienced “Cloud lock-in,” where their providers make it next to impossible to leave their platform. This is where we, zbrella, step in to manage.

The Path to a Better Cloud —Our
Migration Process

Cloud Identification & Planning

Our zbrella Cloud migration specialists will identify and analyze prominent issues with your current Cloud provider: technical issues, cost inefficiencies, user restrictions, data loss, etc.. We will then analyze, in-detail, the way your business functions and the way workflow happens to find and discover the best Cloud enterprise platform that fits the way you work.

Migration Preparation

After discovering your business objectives and requirements, and identifying a Cloud platform that fits, our Cloud migration specialists will handle all vendor interactions, legal measures, and data procurement with your current Cloud platform. Then, we will begin migration preparation to your new environment and ensure that all data and applications will transfer seamlessly.

Migration & Validation

Having discovered and designed your new Cloud environment, our zbrella Cloud migration specialists will transfer your entire enterprise data system onto your new Cloud solution. We minimize migration impact to guarantee a reduction in lost time and cost due to Cloud migration.


In the final step, we implement your new Cloud environment across your entire enterprise network. We create documentation, and train users on the new environment and provide managed Cloud services to ensure that your Cloud is up and running with little to no downtime ever.

Less Risk, Less Cost

Rediscover the Real Power of the Cloud

With zbrella Cloud Migration Services, we can migrate any business on any Cloud platform to a Cloud environment that best suits enterprise needs. Because Cloud-to-Cloud migration is stressful for business owners, our zbrella Cloud migration specialists take a structured approach to migration that is easy to understand, fits business objectives, and diminishes Cloud worry.

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Reduce Time & Cost

Migrating large amounts of data takes time and expert planning. Our Cloud migration specialists simplify the process and expertly schedule and deploy migration to assure that downtime does not affect daily revenue flow.

Minimize Business Impact

We streamline the migration process so that you can begin using your new Cloud capabilities quickly. We execute our high-developed migration plan flawlessly to decrease user downtime.

Eliminate Worry

We deal with your current Cloud vendors who’ve got you in “Cloud lock-in.” We know the legalities and have the technical expertise to migrate your entire business from your current Cloud provider.

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