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What is a Public Cloud?
Design a Cloud Built for Your Data with zbrella

Explore today’s leading public cloud environments with a zbrella Public Cloud specialist. We help enterprise companies like yours realize the power of the Cloud, and digitally transform your technological network to empower effective change that will spark innovation, lower capital costs, and allow for endless flexibility.

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Why Public Cloud?

zbrella Public Cloud specialists will help discover if Cloud is right for your business, and together we’ll explore what Cloud model best fits you. You don’t need need to understand the Cloud, because we do. We focus on enhancing workflow throughout your entire enterprise, accelerating data delivery, and driving down unnecessary technical costs so that you can invest capital where it really matters.

Cost Effective

Remove the upfront cost of hardware and on-premise upkeep. Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them.


Scale up or down at anytime to meet workload and user demands. You only pay for what you’re using.


Empower employees to work from anywhere. Public Cloud allows 24×7 access to data wherever you are.

What Is a Public Cloud?

A public cloud is a service offered by a third-party provider via the Internet that allows enterprise to move and access their data online. On a public cloud, third-party providers pay for and manage all technical hardware—meaning you don’t have to pay upfront capital cost.

The Cloud Isn’t Easy on Your Own

zbrella Makes It Effortless

Our methods are designed around our clients—the way they work, the way they earn revenue, and their understanding of technology. Together, we identify requirements, build business objectives, and discover best-fit Cloud models specific to you. zbrella delivers Cloud expertise and knowledge from start to finish to help you understand the complex Cloud without the technical jargon—we translate what technology means in dollars and cents to your enterprise network.

Our Process

Analyze & Identify

zbrella Cloud consultants will analyze the unique way your business works to discover what Cloud solutions are a best fit. We’ll study business processes and workflow to ensure your IT investment makes an impact.

Design & Build

Once we’ve discovered what requirements you need for your Cloud infrastructure, our zbrella Public Cloud specialists will design and build a platform with best-class, high-speed, high-performance solutions.

Deliver to Cloud Vendors

We deal with Cloud vendors so you don’t have to. Our Cloud specialists ensure that vendors meet your specific design needs in a powerful, secure Cloud environment from start to finish.


We accelerate the time it takes to move your business onto the Cloud so you can start utilizing your investment faster. Our highly-scheduled migration plan guarantees less downtime when migrating onto the new system.

Design Post Implementation & Support

After successful Public Cloud implementation, our Cloud engineers train all users in how to operate in the new environment to ensure your investment is utilized to its potential. We provide 24×7 Cloud Managed Services to support your Cloud for peak performance.

Public Cloud Managed
Service Providers

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We Move You to the Cloud Then Support You

zbrella Cloud Managed Services offer monthly maintenance, security, and support for your public Cloud platform. Just because you’re on the Cloud does not mean you don’t need IT support. Our team will ensure 100% peak performance always.

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What Cloud Fits You?

  • ○ Google Cloud Platform
  • ○ Microsoft Azure
  • ○ Rackspace
  • ○ Amazon Web Services
  • ○ IBM Cloud
Accelerate Business Growth with These Public Cloud Platforms

Our zbrella Public Cloud Consultants work with the best Cloud platforms available for enterprise use. When you work with us, we’ll discover together what platform best suits your needs and design the perfect Cloud.

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