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Hybrid Cloud
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Explore how zbrella’s Hybrid Cloud platform solution can innovate, accelerate, and redefine your enterprise environment. Designed with high-performance, real-time data delivery, and flawless user experience in mind, our Hybrid Cloud solutions tie your entire IT network together with a mix of innovative solutions—utilize a mix of public, private, and on-premise—to deliver a hybrid experience meant to empower your business.
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Why Hybrid?

Bring IT Together in a Truly Hybrid Cloud

zbrella’s Hybrid Cloud solutions offer a mix of cognitive capabilities that employ a multi-technology approach to deliver high-speed and limitless flexibility. By integrating Public Cloud, Private Cloud and on-premise servers into one hybrid solution, you’ll empower your business to work on an accelerated technology platform that is unparalleled. Our Hybrid Cloud consultants work directly alongside your business to discover which solutions fit, and design a custom hybrid platform to deliver a flexible, reliable Cloud.

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Reduce & Control Costs

By utilizing a mix of Cloud solutions, you can drive down costs and pay only for what you need. Gain the ability to scale up or scale down as you need it. Save capital expense on expensive machinery and make powerful investments to encourage business growth.

Integration & Opportunity

Bring all of your IT infrastructures together into one, high-powered, hybrid solution. zbrella will design and manage your Hybrid Cloud environment and provide you with the opportunity to boost competitiveness and increase your services.

Speed & Security

Meet security/compliance requirements with zbrella’s Hybrid Cloud solution and create a cognitive and secure Cloud. Gain an even higher level of speed than traditional Public Cloud options and meet the demands of your customer’s needs.

What Is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid Cloud is a combination of multiple technologies that usually harness Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise solutions to deliver higher data delivery speeds, more flexibility and lower costs than traditional on-premise servers.

The zbrella Hybrid Cloud Process

A Look at How We’ll Work Together

zbrella works with clients to deliver high-knowledge and unparalleled Cloud expertise to discover and match the best solutions for their enterprise network. Our clients don’t need to understand the Cloud, they need to understand their business and we match Cloud infrastructure technologies to match their requirements and guide them towards Cloud understanding and business impact.

Our Process

Analyze & Identify

We’ll analyze your business, it’s processes and it’s workflow to identify key requirements needed to build a successful Cloud platform designed specifically around you.

Design & Build

After identifying requirements, we build out those elements in a highly-complex infrastructure design that ensures security compliance, high-speed, and unrivaled flexibility.

Deliver to Cloud Vendors

After we design all Cloud elements, we take our custom design to Cloud vendors and ensure that they meet all requirements. We always deal with vendors so you don’t have to.


Migration is planned with skilled scheduling and execution. We plan migrations down to the second to ensure your Cloud environment is up and running fast with no downtime to interrupt business workflow.

Design Post Implementation & Support

After your Cloud environment has successfully migrated, we ensure that the network is documented and users are trained. Our Hybrid Cloud Managed Service team manages your Cloud monthly to ensure high-performance 24×7.

Hybrid Cloud
Managed Services

Support to Empower Enterprise

Our zbrella Cloud Managed Service team provides unparalleled support for Hybrid Cloud platforms. When you move to the Cloud, your systems and users still require monthly support, and our service team provides monthly maintenance and support to ensure peak performance, high-speeds, and vendor compliance.

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  • ○ Google Cloud Platform
  • ○ Microsoft Azure
  • ○ Rackspace
  • ○ Amazon Web Services
  • ○ IBM Cloud
Accelerate Business Growth with These Hybrid Cloud Platforms

When building your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, our Cloud consultants discover the best mix of private, on-premise, and Public Cloud options. We only work with the best companies to deliver powerful Cloud solutions.

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