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We build the life force of your space.

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Our advanced Information Architects are leading experts in structured cabling for small spaces and large scale buildings. From offices to hotels, we’ve designed, implemented and managed a vast range of project sizes to deliver high-speed and high performance on a customized, certified network.

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Skilled Information Architects

Skilled Information Architects

Our information architects have over 15 years of experience and the finesse to do the job right.

Certified & Done to Code

All cables are labeled, traffic is segregated, and certified to standards.

Long-Term Infrastructure Design

Long-Term Infrastructure Design

Our infrastructure design and organization is built to take you into the next 3 to 5 years.

High Performance, High-Speed

High Performance, High-Speed

We ensure error free, low latency performance.

Unparalleled Organization

Unparalleled Organization

Cables are run neatly, cleanly, labeled, tested, and certified.

Set Standards

Set Standards

We set standards for the entire term of the project and hold people accountable.

Structured Cabling Options

Whether we’re project managing, designing, or handling all aspects of your structured cabling, we’ll deliver the highly organized, highly complex networking you need to drive your business operations. Choose one, two, or all three of our options for total management of cabling projects.

Project Management | Design Structured | Cable Install

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Project Management Option

Highly experienced Information Architects will manage every vendor and employee involved in the Structured Cabling process to ensure that every requirement is being met for every aspect of every cable. We’ll make sure operational requirements for all technologies are met, standards are set and adhered to, and provide only vital updates so that you can focus on what matters.

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  • Ensure the Job Is Done Correctly
  • Review Contracts to Ensure Fairness & Integrity
  • Ensure Cabling Is Done to Code
  • Ensure Cabling Is Labeled
  • Ensure High-Speed and High Performance on Networks
  • Ensure Cabling Is Engineered with Longevity in Mind
  • Eliminate Impedance
  • Manage All Vendors- ISP, Phone, TV, Electrical, Etc.
  • Ensure Honesty in Billing
  • Keep on Budget
  • Keep on Track With Time and Deliverables
  • Hold Vendors Accountable
  • Ensuring Information Technology Standards Are Met
  • And More
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Design Option

Our Information Architects employ the skill set and capabilities to design and deliver highly complex, highly functional structured cabling. With a deep understanding of the nuances that go into the design process, our team will deliver a custom designed plan that will ensure operability and functionality. We’ll assess, test, and design before requesting for proposal, and design plans with your business’ future in mind for the next 3-5 years.

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  • Discover & Identify Client Needs
  • Perform  Assessments
  • Radiofrequency Testing
  • Hardware Specification Development
  • Design Wired and Wireless Structures to Meet Universal Business Needs
  • Develop Design Plans Around Environment
  • Ensure High-Speed Design
  • Ensure High Performance Design
  • Ensure Traffic Segregation
  • Design Proper Placement of All Technologies
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Structured Cabling Install Option

Our team of Information Architects will install and implement our extensive design plans into place to create a high-speed, high performance network. A complex, organized cabling system will be employed into the space/building with high precision with certifications, organization, and integrity.

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  • All Cabling Is Color Coded
  • All Cabling Is Labeled
  • All Cabling Is Tested
  • All Cabling Is Certified
  • Traffic Is Segregated to Specific Cables
  • Cabling Is Certified to Meet TIA/EIA Standards
  • Installed With 3-5 Years of the Future in Mind
  • Ensure Error-Free, Low-Latency Performance
  • All Cabling Runs Into Network Racks
  • All Cabling Is Extremely Organized & Extremely Clean
  • Cabling Runs at Highest Level of Performance

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