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Decreases IT Costs with Our Managed Services 

In-house IT techs cost a lot, and your Real Estate firm shouldn’t have to carry the high expense. Stop dealing with hard to understand techs, poor service, excessive downtime, and constant technical problems. It’s time to invest in a Managed Service Team who knows what they’re doing.

IT Support for Lawyers

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

“zbrella helped us control our costs and map out our infrastructure plan to meet our future needs. Working with the team is comparable to working with colleagues that you have worked with for years.” Brett Goldman, MHP Real Estate Services

What We Can Do For You

Enabling Innovation Users

Gain an Entire IT Team for Less Than In-House IT

Stop carrying the heavy cost of in-house IT. Get an entire team that knows your industry, and can ensure 99.9% uptime.

Onsite/In-Office Deployment

Oniste/Remote Support

We value face-to-face relationships and send our engineers for onsite support. Onsite and remote support comes standard when you choose us.

Active Monitoring

24/7 Support that Never Fails

Our techs monitor your business’ technology network and infrastructure 24x7x365. We never stop and your business is always protected.

Immediate Phone Support

When you call us, we always pick up the phone and immediate phone support is standard. We work after hours and on holidays to keep you running.

Information Security

Tech Real Estate Experts

Be connected to integral documents on the field, ensure Internet listings are up 24×7, and manage upgrades & document management/storage with us.


Controlled Costs

Our entire team of engineers, CIOs and technology consultants support, maintain and proactively monitor you systems for a set fee every month. No more guessing.

Top 3 Law Firm Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Protection 

zbrella’s intelligent cybersecurity solutions anticipates, protects, and defends against malicious ransomware and malware. Our team of cybersecurity specialists will help your real estate firm analyze complex vulnerabilities and build intuitive, secure platforms across your entire infrastructure to ensure 100% protection and significantly decrease your firm’s chance of a cyber-attack and system downtime.

  • Cognitive Technologies Drive Maximum Security & Uptime
  • Intelligent Performance Analytics Gives Transparency to the Digital Field
  • Rapid Response Times Address Attempted Attacks in Real-Time

Cloud Documentation and Centralization

Our team of IT professionals and engineers have experience and capability in handling large-scale Cloud documentation and centralization. Whether you use Dropbox, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or anything else, we can manage and organize all vital data to ensure you and your employees have access to it at all times. We ensure that all data is protected 24/7.

  • We Protect Your Data That’s in the Cloud
  • Organize & Centralize All Document Storage
  • Deliver Process Implementation Company Wide
  • Rapid Response Times Address Attempted Attacks in Real-Time
Private Cloud

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