In-House Techs VS. Outsourced IT Teams

In-House Techs VS. Outsourced IT Teams

In-House Techs VS. Outsourced IT Teams

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The bottom line is this: an outsourced IT team is almost always better than an in-house technician. I realize after making a statement as bold as that, I kind of have to put my money where my mouth is, so here goes.

The most obvious gripe with an in-house technician is how darn expensive they can run a company. Aside from the initial expense of a salary, in-house technicians come with baggage. For starters, hiring an in-house technician is essentially absorbing a backend employee. Full-time IT specialists on full-time salaries end up becoming more cost-prohibitive than cost-productive with the expenses they can incur for continual IT personnel training alone. In addition to tech training, in-house technicians need to be properly equipped to serve your business.

Translation: you’re responsible for providing your in-house tech with a computer, desk, telephone extension, payroll account, and benefits that all have a had in spiking the price you’ll have to pay to keep an in-house tech onboard.

Did I mention the training? Oh, I did. Well, let me mention it again, because the training never stops. As an employer responsible for the success of your in-house tech, it will be your sole responsibility to constantly invest in updating the skills and knowledge of your in-house tech, not to mention investing in getting your tech certificates. Training is indisputably one of the most financially draining aspects of employing an in-house tech.

But there’s more to an in-house tech than costly expenses. If you have one technician, chances are that your tech isn’t going to be the end-all, be-all of technology (although we all like to think we are). In fact, there is probably going to be a whole slew of things your tech doesn’t know how to do. Single in-house technicians are typically good for fixing printers and configuring software, but when it comes to higher-level issues, like diagnosing network security issues or upgrading exchange servers, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Woe is you, because the only viable solution to this predicament is to dedicate your precious little time into building a whole in-house IT team. Now multiply those numbers for one tech by double digits and your financial outlay just got ridiculous. In-house techs aren’t just costly, their time-stealers, too.

But what’s so great about outsourced IT I hear the inevitable question. Allow me to explain:

Growth Without Incurring Costs

You can literally grow your IT team to however big or small you want without incurring insane expenses. How? By not hiring internally. When you defer to an outsourced IT team, everything is typically covered under one price and spread over several clients via the agency model. Your business can acquire professional IT help for anything from daily tasks to special projects to custom requests without having to foot the costs associated with training or certifying IT staff. You can essentially acquire a full IT team without having to pay to maintain it. Oh happy day.

24x7x365 Service

It’s true, most professional outsourced IT help desks offer 24x7x365 support to their customers. That means you have 24/7 access to tech support specialists either by phone, chat, video, or remote computer access. In-house technicians largely operate according to set schedules and hours, but outsourced IT teams are basically at your disposal. Outsourced IT teams will personally walk you through any low-mid level issue, like resetting a password—even if it’s at 3 AM. That’s dedication.

Premium Resources

No access to expensive software, cutting-edge resources, or invaluable expertise that you can only gleam out of an IT professional? No problem! Hands down, one of the best things about outsourced IT is the access you’re given to a wealth of premium resources and tech—minus the overhead costs of actually buying said resources and training expenses to maintain them. Time and time again, outsourced IT continually cuts costs where it counts most; in capital, but it also delivers major tech changes to business by loaning the tools of the trade and the minds of the experts out to companies who need them.

Customizable Staff Augmentation

Do you need to outsource your IT department to a team of experts or do you need to augment the staff you already have? The beauty about outsourced IT is that it works around what you need. Not all outsourcing is created equal, so if your business depends on a technician being onsite at all times to learn the in’s and out’s of what you do, you have the ability to do exactly that with an outsourced IT team. Instead of deferring to remote support, you can outsource an IT professional onsite permanently for as long as you need one—and remove them at your discretion.


So there, I put my money where my mouth is and stood by the inherent pros of outsourced IT to the obvious cons of an in-house tech. Sure, it will always be different for every individual company, but large and wide, outsourcing your IT is almost always better in terms of cost-savings, customization, resources, service, and so much more.

zbrella’s Technology Experts and bonafide geniuses know a thing or two about improving the technological infrastructure of the current scope of any company. They can design complex, strategic plans to improve systems, provide expert advice and guidance on critical technology, and overall know what they’re doing. If you’re interested in learning more about what type of outsourced IT tech services we specialize in, contact us here or call us at 800-750-4296.

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