Top 3 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Managed Services

Top 3 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Managed Services

Top 3 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Managed Services

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What are the reasons law firms should invest in Managed Services? The requirements to operate law firms are changing, and lawyers are now relying on technology for many aspects of their business—from security to Case Management systems. It is becoming impossible to compete in the market without technology, and many clients and prospects expect that your technology is managed and safe. zbrella Tech has compiled our top three reasons why law firms should invest in Managed Services.

Increase Security & Compliance

Law firms are responsible for extremely sensitive, and highly confidential client data. In order to protect that data, which now lives digitally on your firm’s data network, you must have a complex security plan in place. If you don’t, you run the extreme risk of putting your client’s data at risk, and the reputation of your firm. If data is breached, you will never be able to come back from that.

In addition, your client’s data is protected by law. Failure to implement digital security plans to protect against hackers and other outside forces is negligence on your part, and, it may soon be punishable by law (need we remind you of the Johnson & Bell case).

Your expertise is not technology, and with growing caseloads, it is impossible for you to focus on your network security. By hiring an IT Managed Service provider, you have an entire team of IT professionals who monitor and update systems 24x7x365. This ensures your client data is protect 360 degrees, your updates are up-to-date, and that you’re in compliance with changing regulations. Security is the absolute number one reason law firms should invest in Managed Services.

Lower Operational Costs

In-house IT people are expensive, if you don’t believe us, read this. There are many disadvantages to going in-house, and for those firms who only hire techs for break-fix issues, you’re in even deeper. The truth is, in most cases, having an in-house tech, or having a tech for only break-fix issues on an hourly rate is not economical to your law firm.

In the long run, legal firms wind up losing vital revenue on technical issues, lack of expertise, techs with no knowledge of the legal industry or its technology, and downtime. In fact, unplanned downtime can cost a firm $58,118 annually. So, are you really saving money by not investing in tech? No. It’s actually costing your firm a lot more than you think.

IT Managed Service teams who specialize in IT Support for the legal industry can help lower operational costs. They understand the business, they understand the technology, and they understand what is important to you and why. Outsourced IT Managed Service teams are a predictable expense that you can factor into your monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets. They can be scaled up or down, and they operate on a 24x7x365 basis—which means your firm and your clients are always protected.

Accessibility from Anywhere

Have you ever been in court and realized you forgot an important document? Most lawyers can say yes 100%. That’s why going digital and moving to the Cloud has become so popular among lawyers. Cloud Apps such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and other platforms are making it easier for legal professionals to operate at anytime from anywhere in the world.

IT Managed Service providers have the expertise and knowledge to help move legal firms to the Cloud (whether partially or fully). Your firm can benefit by having all documents centrally located on the Cloud, in an organized, secure environment where you and your staff have access to all information 24x7x365 wherever you are.    

Managed Service teams assist in finding platforms that work for you, and support and secure those platforms to ensure that no data is compromised.

There are many benefits of having an IT Managed Service team for your legal firm. If you’d like to learn more about how zbrella Technology Consulting can help secure and grow your legal firm, call 800-750-4296 or email us at

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