Are You & Your Small Business Ready for a Digital Attack?

Are You & Your Small Business Ready for a Digital Attack

Are You & Your Small Business Ready for a Digital Attack?

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The problem with most small businesses is that they do not think technology is a necessary cost or something they should invest in annually, and they believe it is something they can live without. A lot of small business owners are home to what we call the “Bare Basic Business Owner,” which essentially translates to an owner who thinks IT is a nonessential cost and is not critical to their business. More often than not, many of these “Bare Basic” owners will not even invest in basic IT support to maintain hardware and software, and rather they rely on internal employees who are not technically trained.

In every enterprise today, in every single industry, technology matters. Technology and the use and application of it is what separates small businesses from medium businesses and medium businesses from large. It has become an integral part of annual revenue and affects how much or how little companies are making.

Every business in the United States today is using technology in some form or another, even the “Bare Basic” owners. Because everyone relies on it, technology can be a huge asset to all businesses, and it can be a huge hindrance as well. Malware attacks for small business and mid-sized business have increased by 165% in 2017 alone, and have almost doubled this year in 40 states. In addition, user attacks have increased by over 300% in 2017. And every week, new vicious attacks such as “KRACK” are being discovered as major vulnerabilities to both businesses and everyday users.

These statistics do not even breach the surface of the dangers that technology brings. That is why it is extremely important for all businesses, including small business, to budget annually for a strong technology plan that protects, maintains, and advances the business. Cyber attacks happen to everyone whether it’s via malware, ransomware, etc. The question isn’t “if” but “when.”

How would your small business stack up against an attack? Are you covering your basics? Take the quiz below and find out!

Are You & Your Small Business Ready for a Digital Attack?

How did you do? Did you find yourself answering “no” to many of the questions above? If you did, it’s time you start thinking about a technology plan at your business. Our experts at zbrella Technology Consulting can do everything from everyday IT Support to specialty projects to aid in building annual IT budgets customized specifically for your business. Call us today to get started at 718-355-9155 and dial #2.

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