Malware Attacks On the Rise—165% Increase for Small and Mid-Sized Business

Malware Attacks on the Rise

Malware Attacks On the Rise—165% Increase for Small and Mid-Sized Business

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Quarter One 2017 shows a dismal 165% jump in malware attacks from 2016

In a little over a year’s time, malware attacks significantly spiked throughout the United States (and, not to mention, the rest of the world). Despite common widespread beliefs, large corporate businesses weren’t the only ones suffering. From Quarter 1 of 2016 to Quarter 2 of 2017, small and mid-sized businesses alike saw a 165% increase in attacks. And even worse, when major viruses struck early this year, small to mid-sized businesses in over 10 states experienced a 500% increase in malware and ransomware attacks.

Released at the beginning of 2017, Malwarebytes released the report “Analysis of Malware Trends for Small and Medium Businesses, Q1 2017.” 2017 is expected to be the most dangerous year yet for all businesses. The report showed that in comparison to Q1 of 2016, businesses experienced a much larger scale of attacks in Q1 of 2017. Every single state within the US experienced an increase in malware attacks from 2016 to 2017.

Out of 50 states in the United States, 40 of those states experienced a double in malicious malware attacks in Q1 of 2017 alone. Even more critical, 27 of those states tripled in malware attacks, and 15 saw attacks quadruple.

Did Your State Make the List?

According to Malwarebytes, these are the top ten states that are suffering the most from these malware attacks:

  1. Arizona
  2. Hawaii
  3. Alaska
  4. Maine
  5. North Dakota
  6. Alabama
  7. Arkansas
  8. Utah
  9. Kansas
  10. Delaware

If you didn’t see your state on the list, you shouldn’t rest easy because every single state is currently experiencing a severe spike in attacks.

Targeting in specifically on our region in the Eastern part of the United States, New Jersey made the top ten list for the worst outbreak of ransomware attacks this year.

New York currently ranks number two on the list for most detections of the extremely dangerous WannaCry virus.

Protecting Your Data

In 2017, it is even more crucial that your business and your IT departments focus heavily on security. In the business world we live in today, most small to mid-sized businesses cannot physically afford the costs associated with one breach.

As you move forward in 2017, it’s important to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have an IT Department in place
  2. Be sure your IT Department has tight security measures
  3. Make sure you have a backup and restore plan in the event of an attack
  4. Make sure your IT Department is ALWAYS evolving – the same strategy or protection must always change because the nature of malware attacks are ever-changing
  5. Educate yourself and your staff about security and threats
  6. Reach out for help and contact security specialists to make your technology defense stronger
  7. And, most importantly, DO NOT WAIT for an attack to reach out to professionals

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