Everyone Hates IT Tech Until They Need It

Everyone Hates IT Tech Until They Need It

Everyone Hates IT Tech Until They Need It

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It’s a fact of life: every single business out there hates IT tech until they need it. And when is IT tech usually needed? Oh, you know, when workstations are blowing up, servers are broken, and cybersecurity has been breached to hell and back. I’m talking about when everything hits the fan at once and suddenly, a company is knee-deep in technology problems that could have been avoided had they invested in proper IT tech to begin with. Let’s look at four specific disaster-scenarios businesses with little to no tech typically experience before calling in the big guns.

Cybersecurity Disaster

Oh, yeah, I said it: cybersecurity. Why don’t more businesses take this seriously? Global ransomware damage costs exceeded $5 billion over the course of the last year—a $325 million increase in just two years. But wait, it gets better. By next year, ransomware damage costs will rise to about $11.5 billion and most businesses will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. Tell me again how IT tech and a good IT team isn’t important while you’re losing cash on ransomware damage costs and pay-out expenses.  Everyone hates technology until they need it to retrieve all that client data that’s being held hostage.

Slow Technology Disaster

The bane of any business’s existence. Slow tech in an office is enough to slow any company down from making the most revenue they can while simultaneously driving your employees to hate you. Oxford Economics and Nimble Storage surveyed 3,000 companies and found that business loses on average about 48 minutes every day from slow computers. In non-tech terms that eats into 10% of the average workday. And ITProPortal estimates that United States’ companies lose out on $7.5 billion annually in lost worker productivity. It isn’t until the computer stops working all together that companies are finally compelled to call in a professional. Investing in good IT tech can help decrease downtime, increase productivity, and streamline workflow so you can ensure your business is making the most revenue it possibly can.

The “But I Have an In-House Tech” Disaster

Most companies default to “but I have an in-house tech already!” Good for you, but you’ve also probably incurred unnecessary expenses because of it. What’s my beef with in-house? The fact that almost all companies hire in-house only for break-fix issues. That’s pretty much the epitome of waiting until your tech blows up in your face to get it under control. Keeping an in-house tech on ice at an hourly rate only for break-fix issues costs more money than it does to invest in proper IT tech. You’re paying to onboard them the same way you would an employee, and don’t forget about the money you’re sinking into their training, too—all for the occasional broken printer or configuring some software. The trade-off doesn’t merit the price tag, and more often than not, companies realize investing in real IT tech is more cost-effective to their business.

Economic Growth & Insight Disaster

Not sure what I mean by this one? Let me break it down real simple: businesses that don’t value IT tech typically hinder themselves from growing financially and gaining the insight that will enable that growth. In fact, most companies will wait until they’ve hit rock bottom with no revenue-generating growth in sight to start thinking about how good tech is actually a necessity to compete in the world of business. Business intelligence software allows companies to automatically organize and analyze important data that provides insight into how a company is doing, including sales information, pricing data, supplier contracts, etc. IT tech is the guiding light that lets you know if the sales department is doing well or if profits are sinking rapidly; one example among many. Most companies are so overwhelmed by massive amounts of relevant data that they don’t know how to utilize it, which is why it’s important to defer to professional IT tech before it’s too late.

So, do you still hate IT tech?

There are many benefits of having an IT Managed Service team for your business. If you’d like to learn more about how zbrella Technology Consulting can help secure and grow your business, call 800-750-4296 or email us at sales@zbrella.com.

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