Modern construction practices are inseparable from the software and technology that makes up the 21st century communications revolution. That technology changes regularly, which is why we want to work with your construction firm and project managers to modernize how you do business.

Working with us means answering questions and offer guidance on how you can use the latest software and technology to optimize how you design and build tomorrow’s homes and offices. We aren’t concerned with maker or brand. Instead, we will find you the right software solutions for your project management needs. Although we don’t make our own software, we are deeply entrenched in the software industry, and we will use that knowledge to help you choose the right software and technology for you.

We will install that software and technology for you. When we are finished with your office, your network of the latest in communications, design, and project management software and hardware will function perfectly.

Our services don’t end there. We will train your staff and project managers in how to use their new software and hardware to optimize their job performance. As good as they are on the work site and in the office, everyone can use a helping hand when it comes to learning how best to use new software. That’s where we come in.

Long after your staff has mastered the use of your new software and hardware, we will monitor the health and safety of your computer network. If necessary, we will come on-site, whether that means to your headquarters or a mobile field office.

Whether you need some or all of these services, we’re more than happy to meet your needs.

Finding the Right Design and Project Management Software for Your Construction Firm

Selecting the right software for your construction firm can be a difficult task, considering just how many different software suites are out there. While no single piece of software will meet all your staff’s needs, we will help you piece together the programs that will do exactly that. Everything from design to project management and staff communications to anything else you need for a top of the line construction firm.

We Are Looking Out for You

When we recommend software, it is the best solution to your construction firm’s needs, not because we are being paid to recommend it to you. We do not sell software, nor do we collect a commission when our clients license a particular piece of software. Instead, we will meet your construction firm’s needs with as few software programs as possible – both to save you money and to reduce complications.

Selecting Your Firm’s Software Solutions

For three years, we carefully studied a vast array of software programs for construction firms, design departments, and project managers. We approached the manufacturers and spoke with the sales staff, the engineers, the designers, and we attended countless construction and construction technology conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops.

What we found out is that some programs are excellent and will meet the needs of most construction firms. Others, however, are specific to specialized kinds of design and project management. Other programs had several fantastic features, but they lacked the basic features that are essential for your firm. Some are very easy to use – essential in such a complex field! – and have beautiful and modern-looking user interfaces, while others are, quite honestly, not very pretty.

Software that looks good and is very easy to use may not necessarily meet the specific needs of your firm. An application with an unattractive design, however, may offer everything you need. What we are saying is, your firm’s needs are unique, and the software that is best for your firm may not be what is best for another firm.

Trust in our years of experience and study to help you make the best technology decisions for your construction firm.