Top 3 Tech Trends Shaping the Legal Industry Today

Top 3 Tech Trends Shaping the Legal Industry Today

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Technology is changing the way the game of law is played today. With advancements in legal technologies, the data being generated is giving attorneys new and innovative ways to practice their craft. Here’s ZBRELLA’s top three picks for technologies changing the personal injury industry:


  1. Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are significantly changing the legal field within the courtroom. With these devices being readily accessible to the public, lawyers now have the ability to easily track and monitor health litigation. They can geofence people involved in the case, or put a  digitally fenced area around them where a notification will be sent if said person leaves the area. And, lawyers can make sure clients are indeed hurt by watching their health and activity via the tracking tags within wearables.


What wearables do is provide an additional layer of data to lawyers that can, or will soon be able to, be used in a court of law as evidence. The technology behind wearable devices essentially allow lawyers to have a dashboard of where everyone is, and what they are doing. And what’s more is that this type of technology is going to be available for multiple types of lawyers on both sides of the fence. The data that is being collected from such devices is going to play a big role in the industry, and it is something to watch for.


  1. Vehicle Tracking

With technology finding more of a common place in vehicles today, a whole new area of data availability has opened up. Many vehicles have dash cams or other sensors that can provide valuable data about accidents that happen, giving visibility into an event that is usually poorly recorded. The kind of data that is now able to be collected can help settle, make, and even defend cases in court.


  1. Electronics in the Courtroom

The legal system is decades behind in the way evidence is captured and presented in the courtroom. In court today, we still have people bringing large pieces of cardboard with pictures that contain evidentiary support. But, imagine electronic devices being used to present evidence. Imagine the possibility of electronics and mobile devices containing important data needed to aid in the win of a case.


New devices have opened up a world of new techniques that can be applied in the court of law that not only display important data, but present an engaging technological presentation. By leveraging a virtual reality technology like Oculus Rift, for example, the courtroom can virtually experience an accident that took place, allowing to see and understand the finer details. Technology can, and will, bring a whole new layer to the sophistication of practicing law.


Your Take

You’ve read our top three picks, now we want to know yours. What legal tech trends do you see happening in the industry today? What technologies do you think will change how law is practiced?

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