zbrella Uncovers Huge Savings by Eschewing Technology

zbrella Uncovers Huge Savings by Eschewing Technology

zbrella Uncovers Huge Savings by Eschewing Technology

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Why technology isn’t always the answer  

There is a huge misconception in the world of business that to make money, you need to spend exorbitant amounts of your annual revenue on IT investments. As a technology consulting company, we see this mistake made all too frequently. It’s not about having expensive technology, it’s about having the right technology, and at zbrella, we are committed to educating business owners on what the right technology is and when you don’t need to spend your company’s income on useless tech.

We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars in poor technology decisions and IT investments. One client in specific was ready to make a $60,000 investment developing a SharePoint site. However, after we looked into the nature of their users, zbrella was able to conclude that a technology like SharePoint would be a waste of time, resources, and money spent on something our client’s users would not use.

It is always important to remember to assess the needs of your company and match it with the needs of your users, as well. In our client’s case, we saved them an IT investment worth 60K not including the time they would have spent trying to acclimate their users to a technology they did not need and would not use.

This is not to say that technology doesn’t come with a learning-curve, but in many cases, the money spent on certain tech does not match the needs of a company or its users. Knowing when to not use tech is just as important as knowing when and where it is needed. That is why we always identify what a company’s needs are and match the technology to the way they work.

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