Zbrella Integrates VoIP Tech Into SmartAdvocate

Zbrella Integrates VoIP Tech Into SmartAdvocate

Zbrella Integrates VoIP Tech Into SmartAdvocate

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How we’re helping reduce the time it takes to phone a client

It takes 2-3 minutes to recover from a distraction at work. Many companies don’t realize it, but making a phone call wastes precious seconds that add up to dollar signs at the end of every quarter, and when employees have to retrieve telephone numbers, contact information, dial phone numbers, etc., the process of a call becomes a distraction and a task that takes up time and money.

Currently, zbrella is working with a law firm using SmartAdvocate (SA), a case management system for legal professionals, to reduce the time it takes to make a phone call to a client by deploying Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to all SA users.

With this client, we integrated the company’s phone system directly into their computer systems to turn making a phone call into something as simple as clicking a button on a user PC. Simply put, we automated the process.  Now, SA users simply have to talk into the computer or directly into their phone after just one click to have a conversation. To date, we have effectively saved SmartAdvocate users at this firm 22 seconds per phone call on over 150 phone calls per day. That is over 3,300 seconds, which amounts to about 1 hour of wasted time every day.

Although 1 hour of time may not seem like a big number, when you look at it from a business, quarterly, and annual perspective, it becomes clear how simple tasks can be huge time-wasters. By automating the process of making phone calls, zbrella enabled SA users at this firm to be more efficient workers and generate greater annual revenue for their company. Our end goal is to always improve annual revenue with better tech processes.

VoIP technology is nothing new; it is a testament to the advantages of implementing even simple technology into business to improve processes, streamline workflow, and save money. Change does not have to be big to yield big results, and zbrella works every day to deliver both big and small tech solutions to improve business.

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