zbrella Deploys Real-Time Location Information of Service Staff in the Field

zbrella Deploys Real-Time Location Information of Service Staff in the Field

zbrella Deploys Real-Time Location Information of Service Staff in the Field

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Custom GPS tracking & geofencing project

Problem: managing service staff in the field. The construction industry perpetually struggles with how to effectively manage field workers who are deployed around different job sites and many have yet to create efficient processes that can track and locate workers in the field. Service dispatchers cannot keep up with the constant movement of employees and have no way of knowing when a worker arrives or departs a site, when they are in-transit, where they need to be scheduled next, and their real-time status.

zbrella is working with a client on a high-level project to deliver custom GPS tracking and geofencing technology to a site of over 25 people in order to aid dispatchers with scheduling and time management.

Through the use of this technology, we were able to send automatic updates to their ticketing systems to let dispatchers know when field workers entered a site and when they exited a site. We also utilized the technology to allow business owners, dispatchers, etc. to know where all field engineers were in transit between sites, or between the site and the office. We are currently tracking field worker’s real-time locations and progress, as well, and with a head’s up display that shows where every worker in the field currently is, dispatchers can schedule service staff to jobsite locations accordingly and much more efficiently.

GPS tracking and geofencing is allowing us to automate and integrate certain areas and aspects of the business in order to improve efficiency and workflow. This project is allowing our client to track data in real-time, have a clear overhead view of day-to-day operations, improve billing, and better utilize the resources they have on the field. Through this project, we are helping to increase annual revenue and cut down on wasted time and costs.

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