Christopher Clark

Christopher loves all things tech and science. As a writer who found his talents through the holy scriptures of J.R.R. Tolkien and Arthur C. Clark (no relation, unfortunately), his Orwellian nature has taken him on one crazy ride around the world, to the center of the Earth, and a few feet under the sea. He loves cheek-in-tongue humor, cheesy puns, and clever word play. When he isn’t spending his hard earned money on Star Wars collectibles, wasting his time making Vulcan ears out of paper mache, or generally revelling in his nerdom of too many gaming consoles, he moonlights as a serious, straight-laced writer for the most wonderful technology company in the world.

He doesn’t often like to brag about his extensive repertoire in blogging or the fact that he graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication, but when he does, he makes sure he does it in style (because let’s be real, it wasn’t his shining accolades that got him this job). Working with bots, drones, and IoT has certainly enriched Christopher's appreciation for and knowledge of technology, but it hasn’t inhibited his natural human instincts. As you read this, he’s preparing shelter from the Robot Overlords.

Recent Posts

Top Newb Tech Mistakes Lawyers Make
Top Newb Tech Mistakes Lawyers Make
735 490 Christopher Clark

More than half of surveyed lawyers list security management as their top IT challenge, topping the list of tech mistakes lawyers make I take the title of this article back, you don’t…

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USB Condoms: Protection for the Digital Age
USB Condoms: Protection for the Digital Generation
1000 652 Christopher Clark

What USB condoms are, what they do, and why everyone should wrap it up. STD: Systematically transmitted data. Not what you thought I was going to say, huh? Welcome to the Digital…

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Is the Cloud Really Right for Your Legal Firm?
2121 1414 Christopher Clark

The difference between an in-house server and the Cloud for CMS. To Cloud or not to Cloud? If you’re a lawyer thinking about taking your Case Management System (CMS) to the Cloud,…

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